The Immigration Law Offices of David Carvalho, LLC

The Immigration Law Offices of David Carvalho, LLC is a law firm which specializes in United States Federal Immigration Law. With offices at the vibrant downtown Bridgeport, CT area and Manhattan, NY, we offer clients a completely friendly and comfortable environment. For clients who are unable to attend our offices because they are out of state or out of the country, we offer our world class Clio Connect secure client portal, or what has come to be known as our “cloud-based office”. This firm deals with no other area of law other than U.S. immigration law. We pride ourselves in our firm belief that to better serve you, we must commit ourselves solely to the practice of U.S. Immigra​tion Law.

The firm was established, not only to reach persons from all over the United States; but also to reach persons from all over the world who wish to live and/or work in the United States, reunite with family members or otherwise realize their American dream in one way or another. Through our secure client portal, clients are able to correspond with their attorney and receive regular updates on their immigration applications.

The firm acts for individuals and companies from all over the world, seeking to enter the United States for various purposes including joining family members, working for a United States business, establishing businesses in the United States, studying or visiting family and friends.

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(203) 292 - 5909
1000 Lafayette Boulevard, Suite 1100, Bridgeport, CT 06604
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Friday, August 11, 2017 - 1:30pm